PROFI vacuum cleaner 5 is the smallest and lightest family PROFI, while the quietest - only 62 dB.
Despite the small size used in the bag has a capacity of 10 liters.

Due to the size of the check not only for large areas (hotels, offices, schools, churches, etc.), but well passed an examination in the home, apartment, small office or guest house.

Other information:
- Engine with increased vitality with thermal protection
- Rubber band protects furniture from obijaniem
- Wheels with a rubber running track is not drawing the substrate
- Metal tank impact resistant
- Hepa filter for efficient filtration
- Possibility washing filters
- The volume of only 62 dB with 5 degrees of filtration and capsules of reducing engine noise and vibration
- 10 liters in capacity of the bag (lower operating costs)
- Power nom. In 1200, power max. 1400 W
- 2900 mm vacuum H2O
- Useful suction power - 425 W
- Cable length - 12 m
- Two-year warranty
- Weight - 5.5 kilograms
- Dimensions: height 38 cm, diameter 32 cm