Scoocase means smart gadget designed especially to help to move around the airports. Due to a built-in skateboard made with high-quality wheels and innovative steering, travelling with a suitcase becomes easier than ever.
Scoocase is made of carbon fibers! It is probably the only gadget that provides perfect combination of functionality, comfort and first class styling.
Especially designed hard suitcase has a separate laptop compartment and additional sections to keep all your things in place during the trip.
Scoocase wheels made of high-quality materials make your ride exceptionally comfortable so there are no surfaces that could become barriers.
Scoocase components are a common suitcase that corresponds the hand luggage standards and a built-in skateboard. If you only roll down a telescopic handle, the carry-on baggage that allows you even to put it into the overhead locker will appear.
Comfortable journey is not everything! Scoocase can stand for much more!
The innovative suitcase can work perfectly for shopping… Imagine that you don’t have to carry heavy bags anymore or move around on foot breaking a new record in kilometers done on shopping avenues.
Scoocase has it’s own mobile app that allows you to take the best advantage of the gadget! The scoocase mobile app connecting via bluetooth displays such parameters as speed, distance travelled, distance left on current battery level, power consumption, battery charging meantime breaking, temperature, ballast or RPN (revolutions per minute). Moreover the app presents actual map location and even mark the area that you will be able to reach with current battery level!