The beautifully-shaped, easily exchangeable LAVELA One Way Dispenser offers an unprecedented variety in the sector of hand hygiene.
Flexible due to 4 color variations
Spray, gel and foam pumps
Compact footprint with a volume of 1 liter
Easily exchangeable

Whether it is soap, foam or lotion: The cartridges of the LAVELA Line are flexibly costumizable to your specific needs. Without additional installation or key. Simply select the pump variant suitable for you and install it into the dispenser.

LAVELA convinces with its modern design. At the same time the compact corpus of the design cartridges is very economical with a volume of one liter. Moreover, thanks to viewing stripes you are always aware of the current liquid level gauges.
The high capacity per 1.000 ml cartridge expressed in numbers:
500 dosages for gel products
2.000 dosages for spray products
2.500 dosages for foam products