The TRIO 60 is an injection machine mounting a rotary table with 3 stations, and with a 3 column-vertical clamping. The rotary table unit mounts a fix upper half-mould plate and 2 or 3 lower half-moulds plates.

The basement is obtained by electrowelding of big thickness steel plates. Its levelling and working is effected by numerical control machines which guarantee perfect stability and precision. Basement includes also oil tank and heat exchanger, flow filters and all indicators for oil level and temperatures. Thermostatic valve for the control of oil cooling of hydraulic plant.

Injection unit
Plasticizing screw and barrel made of tempered and nitrided steel. Screw rotation hydraulic motor of 21 KW. 4 thermoregulation zones. Screw rotation speed adjustable. Speed and injection pressure adjustable. Hopper with rapid material discharge device. Approaching carriage double cylinder. Injection nozzle manual adjustment.

Clamping unit
Vertical with hydraulic piston. Three columns clamping system. Rotary mould-holder table with 2 or 3 stations. Rotation effected by an hydraulic motor with pignon wheel combination. Station stop cylinder allowing a perfect lining. Central distributor for moulds cooling.

Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic plant positioned on machine basement. External hydraulic unit for an easy access and maintenance. Main motor 15 KW. Variable flow pump. Heat exchanger dipped in oil tank. 4-way flow switch for separate adjustment of cooling water flow. Oil inlet filter. Hydraulic block with rapid attack to insert control pressure gauge.

Control panel
Electronic control board with microprocessor. Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic cycle operation. Visual and acoustic alarm. Programmable piece-counter. Possibility to control all working parameters directly from the control panel.

machine provided with all electric, hydraulic and pneumatic safeties.