Microprocessor control board and operator interface unit by video “Touch Screen”.
Table rotation by Maltese cross.
Central distributor for water and oil in tempered steel hard and thick chromiumplated.
Mould-holder sliding on two columns to ensure precise movements.
Translation of the bottom half-mould by pneumatic cylinders
Hydraulic ejector for moulded pieces.
Pneumatic ejector for sprues.
Vertical clamping unit with stroke adjustment.
Vertical injection unit.
Nozzle approaching stroke independent from the clamping unit.
Shut-off nozzle with purging possibility.
Control of injection pressure by transducer with automatic adjustment of pressure and keeping stage.
Oil filter on the delivery with visual and electric obstruction indicator .
Proportional control of speed and pressure for injection and clamping.
First class proportional valves, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic items.
Program for remote assistance via Modem.