GTS 50

Horizontal injection moulding machine with compact dimensions, designed to solve all troubles connected to the moulding of hygroscopic resins such as ABS, Cellulose Acetate etc.

Hydraulic clamping made on the four columns, with platens position control made out by linear potentiometers.

Hydraulic ejector, with independent movements, easy to be replaced by the insert feeder.

Electronic control board with "touch-screen" video, included in the machine frame; directly from the video it is possible to visualize, set and memorize all moulding parameters such as: times, speeds, pressures, pieces counting, alarms, opening and closing strokes of the mould and the injection trolley. The control board has also an auto-learning program to memorize the mould clamping parameters (low clamping pressure for mould protection and high clamping pressure), start position for injection and nozzles approaching.

Hydraulic circuit with axial piston variable displacement pump with closed loop control for flows and pressures.

The machine had been projected to speed up the operations of maintenance and machine adjusting. For instance, we have a 180 mm extra backstroke of the injection trolley, for easier replacement of the screw.

The standard equipments of the machine are: screw Ø 42 mm, two nozzles injection head, distance between nozzles 150 mm, two cavities mould-holder, standard or with opening sides, cavities Ø 135 mm (we may supply spacers for moulds of different diameter), mould opening stroke 295 mm. Automatic feeder of steel inserts for the moulding of thin heels. The insert feeder has centring pins located in different positions in order to feed the inserts in the mould even out of the mould centre; we can get easy the two positions allowed over the centre, 10 mm horizontal or vertical, by a suitable hand-wheel.

New collector of moulded pieces with mobile separator and ejection sensors.

Inox steel made normalizing tank.