TS-V ORTHOGONAL CONVECTOR HEATERS are designed and manufactured with an innovative dual-battery system, able to fully satisfy the needs of the operators of industrial cooling. The powers of the new TS-V series range from 100 kW to 1,000 kW in nominal conditions. The extraordinary performance of these DRYCOOLERS is given by a combination of new aluminum fins with high efficiency copper piping and innovative fans which can develop high air flow with reduced emissions and low noise. The TS-V series is characterized by a modular design with oven painted galvanized steel fairing which can mount up to 16 fans of 900 mm diameter, with 8 sound power levels, in single or double bank.

ADIABATIC COOLING The innovative device AWS (Adiabatic Water System), is also available: an automatic “adiabatic” cooling system that allows the heat exchanger to keep the same performance level even when the ambient temperature exceeds design conditions.