Jolly TS MODULAR CONVECTOR HEATERS are designed to realize closed circuit refrigeration systems for the production of cold process water for industrial plant cooling, with zero water consumption and maximum energy savings. These units essentially consist of an air/water (or water/glycol mixture) heat exchange battery, a hydraulic circuit complete with pump, electric fans and a sophisticated microprocessor control panel. Thanks to the very high heat transfer coefficient, due to oversized exchange surface area, output water can achieve temperatures close to ambient air. By combining Jolly TS convector heaters with Jolly RS / RC and / or Jolly NP chillers you can achieve integrated systems for energy saving. PATENTED MODULAR DESIGN These products are made on the basis of an INDUSTRIAL PATENT registered and certified in the most important countries. This technologically advanced innovation achieves TOTAL MODULARITY which allows combination of cooling, hydraulic, mechanical and electric units even of different capacity.