Jolly NP Modular water condensed chillers are designed to produce cold water for process cooling in industrial plants. Cooling procedure entails the production of hot water, which can be in turn cooled down by means of NOVA FRIGO convector heaters. They are integrated cooling units, totally independent, made of a complete hydraulic circuit with a closed storage reservoir, a circulator and an electric pump. All chillers deliver high efficiency and very low power consumption even in extreme conditions (as tropical climates with ambient temperature up to +45°). Oversized exchangers enable the compressor to boost cooling efficiency. The chiller is controlled by a NOVA FRIGO microprocessor governing both vapor and condensation pressure and to make accurate measurements of the system parameters. Furthermore, cooling units can be managed by means of the “MULTICHILLER” mode of operation: the insertion of each compressor can be regulated after analyzing heat load. This technology allows stability and precision of process temperature, a balanced functioning of compressors and therefore greater energy savings by avoiding unnecessary current peaks.