Nano™ Mixer

Nano™ Mixer. In molding or extrusion of shear-tolerant polymers, the Nordson XALOY® Nano™ Mixer combines very intensive dispersionary mixing of colorants, fillers and additives with excellent temperature control. The unique, patented geometry of the Nano™ mixer provides exponential mixing action. Its melt channels have multiple inlets and outlets that divide, reorient and recombine the melt stream.

What it can do for you
• Breaks up color, filler and nanoclay agglomerates into fine particles and thoroughly disperses them throughout the polymer melt.
• Enhances the effect of additives and fillers on product properties

Ready to meet your needs
Contact your Nordson XALOY representative today for a quotation and more information about a screw equipped with the Nano™ Mixer or other Xaloy® screws, barrels, rolls, or shutoff nozzles.