Extrusion Barrels

The structural shell of Nordson XALOY bimetallic barrels consists of a microalloy steel that maintains high strength and straightness after casting of the wear-resistant alloy lining. Unlike some barrel manufacturers, Nordson XALOY can produce long barrels – up to 240 in. (6.1 m) – without resorting to butt welding. The benefit to you is a stronger, straighter barrel with no seams to trap polymers that can degrade and contaminate your process.

Test conditions: The German Plastics Institute, Darmstadt Germany, used standard molding equipment to inject 10 kg of nylon and polycarbonate materials containing 30 and 50% glass fibers through a 0.5 mm ø orifice in test specimens made of the barrel alloys.

Nordson XALOY X-800 and X-102 barrels meet the needs for wear and corrosion resistance for more than 90% of all extrusion requirements.