Hot Melt Coating System

The turnkey hot melt coating station is more accurate than other slot die or roll coating systems, making possible raw material savings that are especially valuable in these challenging times. Key factors in this accuracy include:

PLC control which regulates the entire coating station

sophistication of Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' melting and delivery technologies

precision and consistency of Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' slot die system

The Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries portion of the coating station is a self-contained unit called the Modular Coating System (MCS). It incorporates mechanisms for fine adjustment and repeatability and includes an innovation for coping with the gels, or solid particles, that occur in hot melts. Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries has a die with a motorized rotating rod in the lip area that causes gels to pass through the narrow die lip opening rather than lodging there and generating streaks. This makes it possible to achieve coat weights well below the conventional lower limit for hot melts of 1.0 mil (0.025 mm).