MyCeppi mean in the beginning a concept, My concept: the Central European Plastics Price Index. The calculation of the price index is based on a comprehensive price benchmark, for which plastic converters, traders, and local and multinational feedstock producers supply data. However by now this idea came to widespread, it is not enough to inform the market players about what and at what price they can buy in the region, what are the current prices and price tendencies. We have to shed light on the processes triggering events on the market. For this reason we decided, in addition to the price information, to make also the demand- and offer-related information and analyses concerning the plastic market of Central-Europe available free of charge, to help our readers understand current events on the market. In addition we will publish news and information and related comments that are relevant for the market situation of the region. Our purpose is that our readers, upon coming back, get more and more profound information about the plastic market of the CEE-region.
About us

MyCeppi Kft means now a company owned by László Bűdy, the former head of the ECEBD company group. ECEBD will close its contracts as of December 31, 2014, finish its activities and will cease to exist also in legal terms. The staff and the ChemIT database shall remain with MyCeppi Kft. preserving all the values created during the last 10 years. We have set new goals: we would like to make all the know-how created by us available easily and cheaply to the market players. We would like to save time, energy and money for you. We want to offer affordable, high-quality marketing services to our clients.

We would like to be your marketing department.


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