Lybra LGR cooled masterbatch metering unit

The unit can accommodate up to two independent dosing stations, which can even be of different capacities and be retrofitted to meet changing production needs.

Each dosing station can be configured for individual capacities ranging from 1 g/sec, up to 170 kg/h.

Each dosing station comprises a hopper containing the granules to be dosed and is equipped with a proprietary loss-in-weight control to measure the amount of material carried by the dosing screw to the PET main stream. The mixture is then continuously transferred by gravity from the Lybra’s central block to the plasticizing screw of the moulding machine.

The dosing auger is available in three different configurations with single, dual or triple helical shaft, for controlling material dosing in low percentages with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Lybra LGR is particularly suitable wherever there is a need for frequent color or production changes, which thus entail promptly adapting the operating conditions of each metering station.