DP 640-644 double desiccant tower drying

Double desiccant tower models, provide 1000 m3/h and 1400 m3/h of dried air respectively, production range from 450 to 800 kg/h. The whole drying system works in closed loop so as to guarantee a process independent from the environmental conditions, with a Dew Point of -50°C or lower.


Versatility of usage:
can be used in different production processes, to treat also materials with particular characteristics (such as PET and PETG).

High energy efficiency:
the patented devices for consumption management - IES (Intelligent Energy Supervisor) and IMD (Intelligent Material Drying), self-adjust the drying parameters to the real production conditions of the processing machines.
They allow the costs for energy to be kept in a range from 0.05 kWh/kg up to 0.08 kWh/kg max (process temperature ranging from 80 to 120°C).

Optimised consumption of cooling Water:, to the EMK Kit permits the operator to manage the water flow according to the set temperature.

Wide variety of configurations: available in the MT (max. temperature 150°C), and HT (for a temperature range up to 200°C) versions, PTU multihopper version, specific configuration for PET and PTU multi hopper (maximum capacity: 4500 litres).

Minimum footprint: the best ratio performance/dimensions