MSH Basic – for buildings without a basement

Multi-line building entries either side-by-side or round type for buildings without a basement. Absolutely gastight and watertight. Whether round or side-by-side, both types ensure compact and space-saving workmanship. The variable frame elements allow for subsequent adjustment of the basic MSH Basic-FUBO-E element to the finished floor level.

The ideal entry for buildings without a cellar - space-saving, plus absolutely gastight and watertight. Easy positioning and alignment of the component via the octagonal profile. Later adaptation to the finished floor level does not present a problem. The MSH Basic-MBK sealing insert reliably seals the connection lines to the building. The mechanically stable KES-KMR 82-V/X pressure hose ensures a minimum bending radius and is permanently connected to the base via extraction-proof sleeve technology.

Gastight and watertight to at least 1.5 bar

Compact and space-saving

Delivery includes mounting rack

Variable height adjustment to the finished floor level up to 130 mm

Flexible arrangement of the individual lines

Available with gas building entry DN 25, DN 32 or DN 40

Universal sealing element for electricity:
Ø 20 - 34 mm

Universal sealing element for water:
Ø 32, 40 and 50 mm

Universal sealing element for communications:
Ø 1/13-21 mm + 3/7-13 mm + 1/5-13 mm