Mining Motor

Based on state-of-the-art technologies which reduce carbon foot print from manufacturing, to installation and on-going use, the W22 range of E3 High Efficiency motors will reduce your operating, inventory and maintenance costs, whilst helping you achieve carbon emission targets.
Output: 0.12 kW up to 415 kW
Frame 63 up to 355 A/B
Mounting: B3R(E)
Voltage: 400/380/415V
Class “H” insulation (ΔT=80K)
Degree of Protection: IP66 with labyrinth W3seal
Terminal Block (6 pins)
Thermistor (2/phase) rated 155ºC and 180ºC
Resin continuous flow impregnation
Grease nipple system
Rubber drain plug
Main terminal box with removable gland plate
Main and auxiliary terminal boxes
Standard color: Munsell 2.5 YR 6/14 (Orange)