Green Box Srl is a company that designs and manufactures customised machines to meet the necessities of cooling and temperature control in industrial processes such as injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion of plastic materials, or many other processes (machine tools, biogas, lasers, chemical-pharmaceutical applications, food industry etc.. )


Make a difficult decision easy.

Find the best solution to solve the client’s problems, providing custom design, reliability and Energy saving.

Propose both economically and environmentally innovative solutions.

Provide quick and complete answers!
What we believe in

Investing resources and experience to offer to our client the best product and service solution for his needs.

Particular care in all the internal processes that produce benefits for the client.

Importance of the company team, strongly motivated, to win the great challenges and the small daily problems.

Effective and correct company management, focused on medium-long term strategies.
What can you find in Green Box?

- quick answers,
- customized units,
- design of comprehensive solutions,
- environmentally oriented solutions with high efficiency and maximized energy saving,
- quick service support on site.


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