MINIFLEX mod. 347-250

The "Miniflex mod. 347-250" is a printing equipment (printing unit) suitable for printing on flowing films or sheets. It can print on absorbent and not absorbent substrates, by using one colour liquid ink, in a flexo graphic way. It is a passive machine because it receives its motion only by the contact with the flowing substrate, therefore printing is casual and repetitive. This machine is particularly advised for those who need changing frequently the type andor the printing repeat, as it is very easy replacing the printing roller. The “Miniflex mod. 347-250” has a useful printing width of 250 mm. and it can print with circular developments from 300 to 700 mm. (the standard supply includes a single printing roller with a 500 mm. circumference). Max. working speed for a standard machine is 50 mts-min., while a special machine can reach 100 mts-min. Vertical arrangement with film flowing from above downwards (or equivalent). This machine is equipped, as a standard, with an ink forced feeding system by a re-circulation equipment consisting of a 15 or 25 litres, container placed on a wheeled trolley, pneumatic pump, fast connection pipes, joined reservoir on the machine. It is provided with safety protections according to CE rules. Pneumatic Logic Control is supplied as a standard with the machine.