Rock wool production

A complete rock wool production line consists in several machines that process the insulation material, from melting to packaging. The “hot” part is located at the beginning of the line where the machine melts the basalt rock and transforms it into fibre. The polymerisation and material processing stages follow, where the product takes on its final shape (panels, mattresses or felt).

The packaging system is located at the end of the line and consists in machines that package the rock wool and prepare it for warehousing or shipment.

For “special” products such as pipe section or lamellar products, Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. supplies special systems or “additional lines”.

The indicative production capacity of a rock wool line can vary from 1000 – 6000 kg/h with cupola melters or electric melters.

Product specifications can vary according to the customer’s requirements.

The working widht of a production line can vary from1200-1800-2000-2400 mm.

Rock wool production
Rock wool is obtained by melting and transforming basalt rock. A complete system for the production of rock wool consists in a machine assembly, which carries out the transformation process. The first stage of the process consists in the storage and melting of the rock to be transformed into wool. The machines that make up this part of the line generally include:

raw material storage;
mixing and feeding system;
melting system and fibre forming.