Ferlin hopper loaders

Ferlin hopper loaders will do as expected, convey granules and regrinds. Reliable and stress free. In order to meet all requirements concerning throughputs and system layout, we have many different solutions in our program. Because of the modular built, the hopper loaders are easily adjusted too your specific requirements. Volume as well as connection diametres are available in different combinations, made to fit your situation.

For now, only available as central conveying system hopper loader, to be controlled by PLC. Standard available in 1, 2, 7, 12, 25 or 40 liters content.

Some advantages and build-in functions, results from our many years of experience:

Easily extractable filter plate
Aeration of the vacuum chamber after cycle end, important for low bulk density materials and non-free flowing materials
Perfect outlet construction, no more annoying problems with the V-ring gaskets
Integrated fixation of the hopper loader lid