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Microprocessor controlled
10.5 cm touch screen operation
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The economic touchscreen handheld operation, FGB EB / 2 is microprocessor controlled and can be used as a more GRAVIMIX systems used. This operation is extremely easy to use and equipped with a touchscreen and keyboard. With the handheld operation, all relevant data such as, machine status, production mode, parameters and input material consumption and / or reading.

The operation has a communication port and because of its simplicity, there is no printer port. With the operation a recipe with the corresponding data for each component are introduced. After a prescription is entered, the operating system will be decoupled and operate independently. The control can for the entire series GRAVIMIX be used.

The handheld is ideal as GRAVIMIX local control when multiple systems in a network are included. It is possible to choose a recipe from the recipe list from the command center. With the handheld control allows anyone to quickly and very easily a complete high-tech control system GRAVIMIX. That even during the production of the desired share of each component in proportion or percentage can be changed. Changes by continuous innovation reserved.