About superexpo.com

The digitalized trade show, together with dedicated mobile app and professional profiles of exhibitor, will allow you to attract customers and use the potential of your trade show even after it ends. How does it work and why you should consider it?

Digital trade show profile:

● multiple panoramic photos with interactive hotspots,
● each hotspot consist of 3 tabs: general information, gallery with images and videos, digital catalogue,
● hotspot together with your online store provides a new presentation and sales tool,
● Digitalized stands are easy to put on the website and social network as an alternative marketing tool.

Hotspot LIVE SHARE function

● guide visitors through virtual trade show,
● share a link and the viewers will join a virtual presentation of key elements from the trade show,
● present company offer (photos, folders, videos). Expo Connect mobile app
● create a personalized summary of business meeting at your stand,
● collect inquiries by scanning business cards,
● monitor the number of conversations made during the fair,
● easily personalize and send an offer to the customer,
● contact the customers during and after trade show.

Digital exhibitor profile:

● builds the exhibition history of the company,
● presents complex offer by including products, company information and marketing materials,
● links exhibitor profile with online store to simplify the ordering process.

We document trade shows and digitize them to boost the marketing effects of both trade show organizers and exhibitors. Attract more and more visitors by including a virtual tour of your trade show, including a digital map and exhibitors list. Include a photo gallery and marketing video to better visualize the event and gather more customers for the next edition. On superexpo.com - where your trade show never ends.