About superexpo.com

Trade shows are getting bigger and take place in various locations around the world. Moreover, the dates of events often coincide, so we are not able to be anywhere where interesting events are going on. In this case superexpo.com comes with the solution.

The virtual stand, mobile app and professional profile of the exhibitor will allow you to attract customers and use the potential of the trade show even after the fair. How does it work and why is it worth?

Virtual stand:
-It is created after combining panoramic photos and adding interactive hotspots;
-Each hotspot consist of 3 tabs: info, gallery, pdf;
-Combining a hotspot from your online store creates a new presentation and sales tool.
-Prepared virtual stand can be easily and quickly put on the website and social networks and use it to conduct presentations.

LIVE SHARE function
-allows you to conduct presentations using your virtual stand, during a direct conversation as well as during e-mail or telephone contact;
-After generating the link and sharing it with the selected customers, a presentation begins, and each movement of leader is visible to the viewer.
-the leader moves around the virtual stand and presents the offer of his company by opening interactive hotspots;
-This function allows you to add an unlimited number of customers and to use it by several employees at the same time;

Mobile App Expo Connect:
-it allows you to create a personalized summary even during making the conversation at the stand;
-creates your CRM by scanning collected business cards;
-it gives the opportunity to monitor the number of conversations made by employees during the fair;
-enables preparation of offer forms for variuos trade fairs;
-is an integral part of the exhibitor’s profile, thanks to which, as the only application allows to any change of content by adding, changing or deleting information on the exhibitor’s profile.

Professional exhibiotr profile:
-builds the exhibition history of the company;
-allows you to present the offer by adding products, company information and multimedia;
-is the next sales channel- form the level of each product that you put in your profile, the customer can go directly to the product page in your online store
-enables building content in the Expo Connect mobile app.

Except the rools prepared for exhibitors, we document the trade shows and digitize it. Virtual tours, photoreports, films from the events, exhibitor’s lists and the trade fairs base attracts more and more visitors. We make sure that the money invested by you brings profits not only during the fair. On superexpo.com visitors are throughout the year and the fairs never ends.