on CES 2018

2017-11-27 10:25:22
CES is the worlds most important event in the consumer electronics industry. This is the first time that such innovations as VHS, DVD, or the first Xbox console have been ever shown. No wonder Las Vegas attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and thousands of journalists every year.

This year's edition promises to continue the trands that have dominated the electronics for several years. We will certainly see new solutions from the industry that attracts most attention - electric vehicles. After Tesla's staggering success, more and more manufacturers are trying to get into this fresh and promising market. Every year we have the opportunity to watch daring projects that promise to be game changers. There will also be a number of autonomous vehicles, among which the most interesting are the trucks, which can completely change the face of many economies.

CES is also consumer electronics, which has been all about drones and virtual reality in recent years. CES has never disappointed in these two categories, each year we see more solutions similiar to S-F movies like "Minority Report". Manufacturers also promise the presentation of improved speech recognition systems, that still report a few dozen errors.

If you can not imagine life without new technology - the CES is a really must-to-be place, giving you the opportunity to watch the curtains of the future. Some of the presented technology will appear in the homes of consumers soon ... Some will be forgotten. What makes CES so unique is the possibility of seeing a cross section of technological progress on a scale that is not found elsewhere on the planet.