is next step of evolution for trade show industry. We create not only portal, but a whole system to integrate the exhibitor with his potential customer. It consist of three major elements. First is complete database of fairs with with the virtual tour feature. Second is application for exhibitors that allows personalised offer to client in matter of seconds. Third element is mobile applications with integrated maps, which greatly ease navigation on trade halls.

Our focus is to create place, where exhibitor will meet his perfect client. But is much more. Using 360o photos we document each trade fairs in form of virtual trip. Such technology gives everyone access to events across the globe. Virtual trips works on classic pc and mobile devices, also using virtual reality goggles. Every exhibitor can mark his products and use such panoramic pictures as virtual catalog of products.

We created easy to use and useful application to help guests navigate in trade halls. Each application is dedicated to event. It consist of interactive map, search engine and database of fair exhibitors. It allows to save favorite stands and check informations on company. Using application makes finding the searched stand easier than ever.

Our second application is dedicated to exhibitors and allows tradesman easily create and send personalised process to his customer. In matter of few seconds he can choose products, discounts and informations he likes to present to potential customer. It greatly enhances purchasing process, stuck in pen-and-catalogue era of XX century. is company, that leads trade show industry to next era of shows, that take full advantage of modern technology. By looking in the future – we enhance present day.