Logoil Technologie

Because of LOGOIL TECHNOLOGY DIESOIL have got a concept for an environmentally friendly and profitable recycling of plastic waste. Plastic waste that can not reused, will be distilled to high quality conversion oils

The Logoil recycling concept is a mature system solution. For a region with 100’000 to 200’000 inhabitants, it is already profitable.

The respective collection logistics can be adapted to existing infrastructures,

• Each year 265 million tons of plastic waste incur worldwide .
• approx. 100 million tons of plastic waste float in the seas.
• further 9 million tons add to it each year (ocean care)

The majority of plastic waste is normaly burned or ends up in landfills, where it will take up to 1000 years, until it will be decomposed.

Worldwide only a small proportion is recycled and again efficiently reused.