Depur Padana Acque: a leader in the production of water treatment plants.
Design and construction of wastewater treatment plants chemical physical and biological agents aimed at the treatment of waste water and sludge.

DEPUR PADANA ACQUEwas founded in 1972, and from the very on-set the company began designing and building "chemical-physical" and "biological" purification plants for the treatment of waste water in the most diverse industrial sectors. Galvanic cell industries, goldsmiths, paint factories, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, paper industries, graphical industries, tanning factories, laundries, car demolition, industries for plastics recovery and recycling, car washes, are only some of the businesses that we serve on a regular basis.

Since that distant date of 1972, the Company has managed to reach extremely high quality standards, as a result of experience earned in the field during the operation of purification plants, and through lab work carried out over the course of multiple analytical studies conducted and aimed at constantly improving the plant engineering solutions.

Accordingly, the result of all of these efforts is the development of technologically advanced products, which are just as simple in their function and operation.


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