The flexible drive shaft SGFlex-3FD-CONNECT is characterized by its design and versatility. It combines the advantages of drive shafts with the advantages of flexible couplings, thus providing a vibration-damping alternative to drive shafts with universal joints.

The „D“ in the product name designates the first type from the new series, and is available in six standard sizes. Integrated into the shaft are the forged flange from the SGFlex-3F series which has proven itself in the industry, paired
with matching intermediary shafts and the new patented centering system SGFlex-3F-ALIGN.

This centering system ensures smooth operation even at high rotational speeds and allows assembly to take place without having to shift the drive and driven units. These maintenance-free cardan shafts can easily bridge large shaft gaps. At the same time, aggregates are protected via the reduction of oscillations and vibrations thanks to the proven Tenpu® fiber technology.

This shaft system can also be operated at a zero-degree bending angle, which is usually not possible in designs with equal velocity or universal joints.