2013-09-11 11:25:23
Discover the large choice of Essilor designs

To meet everyone's needs, Essilor proposes 4 families of designs:

Single vision and progressives : both benefiting from the Essilor's know-how in terms of sight correction. They bring advanced technologies into play to give you a perfect vision.

Personnalized lenses : tailor-made lenses fitted taking into account your visual behaviour thanks to personalization parameters, directly measured at the optician store.

Activity lenses : some activities are more demanding in terms of vision: work on the computer (screen), driving, practicing sports,.... Specific designs guarantee a unique efficiency and comfort of vision.

Preventive lenses : your lenses can offer much more than just correcting your sight. Essilor also have designs preventing you from visual fatigue or even made to slow down the progression of myopia in children.