Monoblock CNC bridge sawing machine – full 5 axis interpolation with rotating head from 0 - 370°, and tilting head EITHER in
manual (0-45°) Or fully automated (0 - 90°). Max blade size 625mm (25 Inches) with Z axis (rise and fall movement) 320mm (12.5 inches). The complete structure is made up of hot dipped galvanized steel structures including the integrated tilting table. – supplied with photocells safety barrier. Fast and precise movements due to brushless motors with absolute encoders, recirculating ball bearing movement, precision gearboxes and interpolated axis from the CNC.
Electro spindle running up to 4300 rpm (6000 on request) with centre waterfeed and a 36x2 or ½ gas fitting (on request). Suspended pendant with 15 inch TFT colour touchscreen. Machine is equipped with USB/Ethernet port for easy loading of programs.
Stainless steel electrical panel. The BRIO can be used completly in a manual mode, or can follow a range of automatic programs including single, multiple or ortogonal cuts. Inclined, oblique, or a combination of inclined and oblique, when directed, the machine can take step cuts in the direction of the blades axis by moving all the axis in an interpolated mode without the need for a rotating table.The Brio also has the ability to follow a series of cuts dictated by a dxf file and thus transform raw slab into finished sizes ready for edge ploishing / processing with almost no operator presence. The Brio can drill, carve or carry out lettering on request. In the case of the EASY model, the machine is exactly the same as the monoblock, but the bridge / rails are mounted on concre.