CBV/960 G-2011


Completely renewed, the edge polishing machine mod. CBV/960 G allows the processing (polishing) of marble and granite sides with different thickness by means of plates with abrasive wheels moved by spindle-motors. It is also possible to chamfer the lower and upper edges by means of spindles inclined at 45° with respect to the strips sides. The machine consists essentially of two parts: a carpentry, spindle holder structure, welded and planed, produced following the new technical concepts, to guarantee accuracy of processing, absence of vibration and high stability, and a bench made of planned steel, where the conveyor belt is installed. The pressure roller is composed of independent units with PVC wheel, pneumatically operated. Movement is controlled by PLC. Thanks to this system, you can work materials of different thickness, without any adjustment. The beam carrying spindles is equipped with motorized up-down movement. It allows the centering of the abrasive wheels according to the thickness of the material to work, with the possibility of setting the thickness on “touch screen” graphic therminal. All the water feeding pipes are dimensioned to guarantee a good inflow for the perfect dressing of the abrasive wheels. Spindles exits during the processing phases are operated by PLC. It is also possible to adjust their position to anticipate or delay the abrasive wheel outlet. The machine has two hooks to lift the whole structure. The non-deformability of the components is guaranteed during the unloading operation. The electric board is built with steel plate, thickness 15/10, painted with RAL7032. Its degree of protection is IP 55. An insulated transformer for 380V network voltage and output 48V in installed inside the electric board for all the control bodies to guarantee the safety of the operator. All the motor protective devices (fuses, magnetothermics and thermal relay) are dimensioned for each single motor to intervene in case of anomaly.

9 frontal polishing units

2 top edge polishing units

1 bottom edge polishing unit

- conveyor belt useful width mm 600

- workable material thickness mm 10-100

- frontal polishing abrasive diameter mm130-150

- edges polishing abrasive diameter mm 130

- frontal polishing units motor power kW 1,5

- edges polishing units motor powerkW 1,1

- belt forwarding motor power kW 1,1

- beam up-down motor kW 0,37 x 2

- control system for beam misalignment with double encoder

- material presence computerization

- belt advancement speed visualized

and adjustable with inverter m/min 0,25-1,3

- water consumption l/min 120

- air consumption at 6 bar l/min 70

- total installed power kW 19

- overall dimensions mm 5700 x 1850 x 2100 (h)

- total weight kg 4500


Adjustable blade cut unit

- motor power kW 3

- disc diameter mm 250

- shaft diameter mm 50

Adjustable blade cut unit + “kerf”

- motor power kW 3

- disc diameter mm 250

- shaft diameter mm 50

- possibility of rotation 0-90° for “kerf” cut execution assisted

by handwheel and reducer

Drip unit

- motor power kW 3

- disc diameter mm 300

- shaft diameter mm 50

Slab support bar – material guide

- vertical position to support large slabs

- horizontal position (rotation 90°) for material guide

- vertical positioning with linear motion guides
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